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The Authentic Marketing Show

May 14, 2021

Holistic Herbalist and Tea Alchemist, Amandine Ayala, speaks to Hannah about growing her hemp-based tea blend and botanical self-care product business.


Amandine is a Holistic Herbalist and Tea Alchemist, and the Founder & CEO of Bloem & Moi.

Her mission is to help purpose-led womxn to prioritise self-care to achieve their deeper mission.

She strongly believes that Self-Care leads to Self-Love, which ultimately leads to a Better World.

You're most likely to find Amandine hanging out in her garden, with her Kitty, a cup of tea and a joint.

In this episode, we discuss...

- Amandine’s journey to founding Bloem et Moi

- What’s it’s been like to grow a product-based business

- How she helps female entrepreneurs through her teas 

- How Amandine has become more confident and consistent with getting visible for her business

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